Yococo Dairy Free Ice Cream

Yococo was founded by melanin popping, 20-something ice cream lover Sinenhlanhla Ndlela. Their ice cream is vegan friendly and uses ingredients that are loosely based on the 7 chakras and colour therapy. Sine and I met while working on the events team for the 2015 Design Indaba Expo and have been collaborating ever since! I have always believed in Yococo's mission of serving love in scoops while doing their best to be good guests to the planet. In the last few months of 2020, we worked on redesigning the ice cream tubs so that they reflect the brand's core values. What materialized was a set of 7 cups that give the Yococo consumer whichever vibration they need most that day. Each mood is paired with an affirmation at the back of the label. Grab a tub of bravery and let it remind you that you are capable and you are brave.

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