Pretty Average - 2019 Exhibition

Pretty Average was the title of my first exhibition of illustrations. I've always felt some degree of ambivalence towards my work, or at least since I chose design as a profession, and this project served as an expression of that. The imposter syndrome that weaves itself into the lives of so many designers became the foundation for a show that considers the many facets of feeling ‘pretty average’. Do we struggle to feel good about the things we make because we think their success reflects our self-worth? Maybe it’s that what we've dreamed up for our futures is a collection of achievements we've seen other people make. Of course, these dreams don't take shape just as we imagined, because that isn't how life works. But a little tenacity and a fake-it-til-you-make-it attitude go a long way. So the process of dressing up some household products in pink, with cheeky names that hint at familiar feelings of anxiety, depression, perfectionism and insecurity was fun and cathartic for me (as I hope all of my personal projects will be).

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